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Combining the demand of Nickel with the power of Blockchain.

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The Nickel Coin

Our product is called Nickel Wire. This product is in fiber form (thread) and is thinner than human hair. Nickel Wire is produced after a complicated process, and its main features are the resistance to immense pressures, chemicals, and corrosion.

We are creating the first nickel backed cryptocurrency to give individuals, corporations and institutions the opportunity to participate in both nickel price speculation as well as the ability to easily purchase nickel on the open market to advance the goals of a corporation.

Our goal is to provide liquidity to the nickel market by creating a coin that is tradeable on a multitude of different exchanges allowing every type of individual to invest in the success of our specialized nickel.

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We fully anticipate overtaking the nickel market by combining our technologically advanced product with the power of a sophisticated blockchain to provide exceptional liquidity and access to our nickel.

The expansion of the global nickel wire industry is forecast to reach 11.2% p.a. in the coming years. Between 2007 and 2013 the market increased with an average annual growth of 1.3%. Currently, alloyed nickel wire accounts for 93.8% of the global demand while non-alloyed nickel wire has a 6.2% share of the market.

There are immense opportunities in nickel right now. Currently, companies are significantly expanding electronics production, and crypto investors are demanding an asset-backed token to provide some stability for investment purposes.




Nanotechnology & Components

Robotics & Manufacturing

Mobile Devices & Computers


Secure the Power of Source Nickel Coin

Due to speculators, the price of nickel is decreasing. Our goal is to purchase significant reserves of this nickel on the market to secure and stabilize the price moving into the future.


We have invested heavily into research of the most precious commodities around the world; our objective is not to sell, but instead, hold onto them in order stabilize the price and deter short sellers and unscrupulous producers driving the price of volatile assets lower.

Production Rights Secured

We have already secured a partnership with one of the world's leading nickel wire producers. Their process results in the highest quality nickel on the markets today, and it is unique regarding the process, composition, resilience and more.

Demand Into Future

Every day innovators are developing new technologies that propel civilization into the future. This increasing demand of nickel will continually grow as nickel has proven over time that it possesses the most desirable traits in several different industries.

Asset-Backed Crypto Platform

Source is combining blockchain technology with our developing Crypto Bank to abstract the inefficiency of commodity trading so that both speculators and corporations who purchase our coin can directly redeem their tokens for physical nickel.


Superior Innovation

We have integrated the Nickel Coin into our vast network of technologies, products and businesses so that the Nickel Coin is the most powerful coin on the market.



We harness a powerful Blockchain 3.0 automation platform to create coins for our clients and us as well as offering a turnkey ICO/STO consultation service for qualified applicants.


By placing the Nickel Coin on our proprietary exchange platform, individuals can purchase our coin with a variety of securities including other coins, commodities, and multiple fiat currencies.

Crypto Bank

Our unique Cryptocurrency Bank located in Switzerland will ensure all compliance, insurance, delivery, and quality will be in line with what investors, companies, and regulators need.



We can securitize not just Nickel, but many other commodities on the market as well as properties, energy, antiques and more. This allows us to back the Nickel Coin with tangible Nickel wire.


Our unique financial infrastructure allows us to completely protect our client's and investors assets and offer premier financing solutions that are unavailable anywhere else in the world.


We have developed several proprietary technologies in the fields of automated trading systems, advanced data analytics platforms, hyper-converged cloud technology, and more.


Current Users of Nickel Wire

Leaders in all types of industries around the world use premier nickel wire.



Apple heavily relies on nickel wire for combining and integrating different types of components.



Shell utilizes nickel wire to build highly resiliant machinery for petroleum production and refining.



3M is leading the revolution of nanotechnology, nickel wire is used to ensure quality components.



A large number of medical devices are now utilizing nickel wire for its superior chemical composition.



Boeing as well as other airplane manufacturers use nickel wire for durable aircrafts long into the future.



Most modern car components rely on nickel wire to create parts that are resistant continious usage.



Nickel wire is heavily resistant to chemicals and posesses anti-corrosion properties.



Power generation technologies and renewable energy use nickel wire due to its conductive properties.


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